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Social Butterfly or Wallflower: How to Help Your Puppy Better Socialize

Social Butterfly or Wallflower: How to Help Your Puppy Better Socialize

During your first few months as a proud puppy parent, you’ll learn a lot about your little one. You’ll discover whether he is shy or outgoing and friendly. You’ll find out whether he wants to sniff every person he meets, or if he prefers to hide behind you or crawl into his crate or bed when company stops by.

Introducing your puppy to new people and other dogs, especially at an early age, can help her become more comfortable in social situations. And we all want our pups to feel comfortable and happy. Following these tips will help you guide your puppy down the right path to being an adorable, social, and happy dog.

Two-legged friends.

It’s important for your puppy to be comfortable and respectful around you, your family, and your friends. Introduce your puppy to as many people as you can, especially during their early years. From kids to older adults, people have different smells that your puppy can sense as he becomes more familiar with the outside world. Invite friends and family over or head to the local park to find friends of the two-legged variety. Bring along a few Little-Jacs® and encourage people to reward your pup for their positive behavior. This will help your puppy learn that meeting new people is a good thing!

Other four-legged friends

Introduce your puppy to other puppies, dogs and animals so they see them as friends, not threats. Dogs who don’t grow up around other dogs or animals sometimes perceive danger in other creatures. Here are some great ways to socialize your pup with other dogs:

  • Go to a dog park
  • Enroll him in puppy school
  • Take her to obedience classes
  • Head to your local park or beach
  • Take group walks with other puppy parents and their little ones.

A word of advice: Don’t socialize your new pup in any of the above places until he has had all recommended vaccinations.

Tips & Tricks

Puppies can be so excited about guests coming over that they jump on them, sniff them in inappropriate places or exhibit other unwanted behaviors. In just 4 quick steps, here’s how you can train your dog to stop jumping on guests:

  • Leash and collar your pup at the front door when the doorbell rings
  • Correct your dog by saying “no” or “down” if she jumps on a guest
  • Reward by petting or with a Bil-Jac puppy treat when he behaves well
  • Practice until your puppy has it down perfectly.

For more information and a quick video describing this training tip, click here.

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How do you socialize your puppy? Share your ideas in the comments!

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