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Start Off on the Right Paw with Super Premium Puppy Food

Start Off on the Right Paw with Super Premium Puppy Food

As much as you may want your puppy to stay the same size forever, your little pooch is going to grow up quickly in this critical first year of life. Your four-legged friend is going to need the right nutrients in her food to help her thrive. As a result, starting your puppy off with the right food is important to her development for a long and healthy life.

What Food is Best for Puppies?

High-Quality Nutrition

Good nutrition provides the building blocks for growth. Like any growing child, your puppy’s body has very specific nutritional needs to help her grow. This requires a good mix of key puppy food nutrients that each support a different part of your puppy’s development.

These include:

  • Fresh Protein & Amino Acids – Support a strong immune system and build muscles
  • Vitamins and Minerals – Help puppies develop a strong immune system, nerve activity, muscle growth, and proper metabolism
  • Fiber and Carbohydrates – Provide puppies with energy and support healthy digestion
  • Omega Fatty Acids – Help puppies develop healthy skin and a thick, shiny coat

Cooked Gently in Small Batches

While you can read through a puppy food’s ingredient list to identify if it contains these important components, it’s also important that your puppy food utilizes these key nutrients.

Many dog food brands use a process called extrusion to make their products. This process subjects the food to high temperatures and high pressures that can damage the nutrients your pup needs to thrive. At Bil-Jac, we slow-cook our dog food, in small batches, to protect the heat-sensitive nutrients found in high-quality chicken and organ meat. In turn, our puppy food can provide the nutritional excellence your newest best friend deserves.

Bil-Jac also uses 25 lbs. of fresh chicken to make a 30 lb bag of our Puppy Food Formulas. This helps to provide the protein your puppy needs to be healthy, and also provides a taste that puppies love!

Match the Puppy Formula to Your Pup

The size and breed of your puppy plays an important role in which formula you should choose. That’s why Bil-Jac offers a trio of specially formulated puppy foods for best friends of all shapes and sizes:

Each bag of puppy food provides recommended feeding amounts based on age and weight, so that you can make sure your furry friend has a solid nutritional foundation for growth. All three Bil-Jac Puppy Foods are easy-to-chew, something your puppy will appreciate as she is teething.

While finding the right food plays an important part in supporting your pup’s health, it’s not the only step you can take. Sign up for the Bil-Jac Puppy Club today to receive monthly tips, facts, and coupons that can help you on your journey to raise a happy, healthy dog.

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