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That little pup is best fed as a carnivore—feed him as such.

That little pup is best fed as a carnivore—feed him as such.

The importance of a high quality puppy food cannot be overstated. Puppies are best fed as carnivores. That means they should have quality, fresh meat (like chicken) as the first ingredient in their food. But they also require a balanced combination of other important ingredients (fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids) to provide energy and support proper muscle, nerve, organ and immune system development.

Don’t make the “generic” mistake.

There is a big difference between generic or supermarket brand dog food and super premium brands. Generic and poorer quality brands can require you to feed your puppy a much larger quantity. With a super premium brand like Bil-Jac, your dog will obtain more nutrition from less food due to the quality of ingredients and the absence of fillers—all of which makes a premium food far less expensive than you think.

But … he’s just a puppy. Can’t I make up nutritional differences later?

In a word, not really. (Ok, two words.) Starting your puppy off on a super premium food is important because of the special nutritional demands his growing body has … right now. Proper nutrients in the right balance are the building blocks of a foundation for a healthy dog life.

A super premium dog food like Bil-Jac has that proper balance of the following ingredients:

Fresh meat as the first ingredient—a high quality protein is the most important part of a puppy’s diet, supporting their massive energy and growth requirements

Omega fatty acids for a rich, shiny coat and healthy skin

Carbohydrates and fiber to provide a quick source of energy and help support digestion

Vitamins and minerals to help puppy develop a strong immune system, help with muscle development and nerve activity, and enable proper metabolism

Amino acids to rebuild muscle proteins that break down during exercise and to support a healthy immune system.

You are what you eat.

The saying is as true for dogs as it is humans. So be sure to feed your puppy a high quality food like Bil-Jac for a lifetime of good health and happiness.

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