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The First Defense: Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

A happy dog whose owner stays bug-free thanks to flea and tick prevention tips.

Summer is in full swing, which means flea and tick season is as well. The heat and humidity serve as the optimal environment for these pests to develop into adults. While you’re looking forward to taking your best friend to the park or on a hike this summer, it’s also important to take preventative measures against fleas and ticks.

Flea and Tick Prevention Tips

Your furry friend can pick up fleas and ticks from other animals or places where other infested dogs, cats, deer, coyotes, and raccoons have been. Follow these three flea and tick prevention tips, so you and your pooch can enjoy summer to the fullest.

Groom regularly.

Regular grooming like brushing and bathing are important for flea and tick prevention. This gives you a chance to inspect for any signs of a flea or tick infestation like droppings or small red bites that might be left behind. Fleas are often found hiding near the base of the tail, around the neck, and on the belly. Ticks like those same areas, and can also be found on elbows, front legs, and even between toes and on eyelids.

Brushing should be done every couple days, no matter the length of your furry friend’s coat. Brushing takes out loose hairs, even if you have a shorthaired dog. If you have a longer-haired dog, brushing will also help avoid matting, which can be itchy and uncomfortable when knotted tightly to your best friend’s skin.

A regular scrub in the tub can help wash away fleas. It also gives you a great way to see your dog’s skin and identify any fleas or ticks they might have. Keep in mind that too much bathing can strip skin of essential oils that help protect the skin and coat. Talk with your vet or groomer on how often to bathe your dog.

Invest in flea and tick products.

Talk with your veterinarian about products for flea and tick control. There are a wide variety of flea and tick prevention products available over the counter, such as pills, collars, ointments, and sprays. There are also some all-natural options as well.

While you may want to stop giving your dog flea and tick prevention medication during the winter months, it’s best to continue with it all year long. Fleas can live at temperatures as low as 33 degrees, so if your pooch catches one of these pests outside and carries it inside your warm home, they can continue to stick around and wreak havoc on your best friend’s skin.

Feed your dog high-quality food.

The quality of food your dog eats will help determine the health of his skin and hair. Protein and essential fatty acids, like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, are key nutrients for the skin and coat health of your best friend. According to PetMD, fur consists of approximately 95 percent protein, with 25-30 percent of your dog's protein intake allocated to support your dog’s skin and coat.

It’s important to feed your furry friend food that’s rich in high-quality protein. Bil-Jac Dog Foods provide the protein and essential fatty acids levels your dog needs to maintain a healthy skin and coat, with real, fresh chicken used as the main ingredient. A strong defense against fleas and ticks starts with a healthy skin and coat that is supported by high-quality nutrition.

What to Do If Your Dog Has Fleas or Ticks

If your furry friend does come in contact with some pesky bugs this summer, contact your vet or groomer immediately to find the best treatment to eliminate the issue. Don’t forget to wash or get rid of all his bedding and completely vacuum your furniture and carpets as well.

Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy Year-Round

If you follow these prevention tips and act quickly at the sign of pests, you can help your dog be well protected for flea and tick season. Want more ways to keep your dog happy and happy? Join our Best Friends Club today. Each month, you’ll receive special training tips, informative articles, and members-only discounts on Bil-Jac products.

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