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The Pet First Aid App

The Pet First Aid App

The Latest Pet First Aid Tools to Help Your Dog In Case of Emergency

Did you know ... 63% of households consider their dog a family member? We care very deeply for our pets’ health and safety. Emergencies happen when you least expect it, so it's important to be prepared to help your best friend should they need it. That’s why we've teamed up with the American Red Cross for Pet First Aid Awareness Month in April. The Red Cross is known for helping people in need after disaster strikes, but they also have some easy and innovative Pet First Aid tools.

Pet First Aid in the Palm of Your Hand

The newest tool from the American Red Cross is their Pet First Aid App, available on both the Apple App Store and Google. This innovative and user-friendly app provides advice to dog and cat parents on how to care for a pet until veterinary assistance is available. It includes educational resources developed by experts on how to maintain your best friend’s health and what to do during emergencies.

Additionally, users can learn about the signs of a healthy best friend and recognize any potential problems. It provides instant access to step-by-step instructions, videos and images for more than 25 common first aid and emergency situations. When you download the app you can learn how to treat different common wounds, control bleeding and care for breathing and cardiac arrest emergencies.

The app includes a very easy click-to-call feature, allowing users to call their veterinarian. It also contains an animal hospital locator to find the closest emergency pet care facility or alternate veterinarian. After you download the app, users can also create a pet profile including all of the most important pet parent information including tag ID number, photos and a list of medications with instructions. The list of early warning signs helps to ID the appropriate situations for calling your veterinarian.

Finally, younger or less experienced family members can learn about pet health, especially if you’ve just added a new puppy or dog to your family. The app provides the opportunity to test your knowledge with interactive quizzes that allow you to earn badges along the way. Once a badge has been collected, it can be attached to your favorite best friend photo and shared on your social networks (and on ours too!).


Be Prepared

Knowing what to do quickly in an emergency pet first aid situation can mean life or death to your best friend. For a small investment in time and money, you can help your dog in a time of need so you can have many happy and healthy years together!

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