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The Rewards of Treats for You and Your Dog

The Rewards of Treats for You and Your Dog

Dogs of all ages love to get their paws on the occasional treat, whether during training or just as a reward for being “the best wittle doggie in the world.” The main thing to keep in mind when giving your puppy treats isn’t necessarily how many or how often, but how high the quality is. If your puppy doesn’t show any signs of becoming overweight, you can be liberal with the goodies.

Choose the right treats.

You’ll want to be sure to feed your pup high quality, nutritious treats that also please his taste buds. Choose a treat that’s high in animal protein (such as chicken) to support his canine appetite. Meat protein also contains essential amino acids that help puppies develop, grow and repair body cells.

Equally important to high quality ingredients is the processing technology used. Bil-Jac treats are made using a proprietary nutrient protection technology. We start with more real fresh chicken and chicken liver, which makes treats both delicious and healthy. There are no fillers or gluten meals and plenty of naturally sourced Omega Fatty Acids to help support a healthy skin and coat.


Variety—the spice of puppy life.

Just like their human parents, puppies and dogs like to have a variety of treats in their diets. Choose treats like Bil-Jac that not only provide healthy ingredients, but also come in a wide range of flavors, shapes and sizes.


Bil-Jac Original Recipe Dog Treats

Bil-Jac Little-Jac’s® 

Bil-Jac Grain Free Treats

Bil-Jac Breakfast Jac’s®

Bil-Jac Gooberlicious®

Bil-Jac Yappie-Nanas® and PB-Nanas®

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