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The Secret Recipe: One Secret Behind What Makes Bil-Jac so Uniquely Special

The Secret Recipe: One Secret Behind What Makes Bil-Jac so Uniquely Special


Bil-Jac uses 25 lbs. of fresh chicken to make a 30 lb. bag of Adult Select dog food. How do we do that? Well, it’s the story of how we process our food – which is unlike any other. Only Bil-Jac goes to such lengths to make high quality, results oriented dog food for your pup.

We use so much fresh chicken (and tell everybody about it right on the front of our bag) because of the unique way we make Bil-Jac. Rather than a “continuous flow/extrusion” process like most other dog foods, Bil-Jac is batch made, at controlled temperatures to help protect the fresh chicken ingredients from the damage to protein that can occur in a high heat process. Even though it takes longer, our proprietary Nutri-Lock™ process helps protect these essential nutrients, while creating a great tasting dog food.

High Heat Is the Enemy

Heat is the enemy of protein integrity. Exposure to high heat has the potential to damage some of the vital proteins that your dog needs. When exposed to high heat commercial processing (such as when made into meal or in the extrusion manufacturing process many dog food companies use) the building blocks of protein – amino acids -- can break down. This makes those proteins less available for your dog to digest. Unusable proteins are simply eliminated. But because they are not as readily available in digestion, dogs may face nutritional deficiencies that may affect their health and vitality.

We Make It Ourselves

Bil-Jac is acutely aware of the need for quality control. We focus on processing carefully, in small batches, at controlled temperatures. Hand-in-hand with careful processing, we take extra care in sourcing fresh chicken ingredients to make our dry dog food and soft, moist dog treats ourselves, in our own production facilities. In this way we can insure quality of the final product. Through careful batch processing and sourcing, we help protect the bioavailability of proteins in your dog’s diet.  

You Will See a Difference

We truly believe that after feeding Bil-Jac for just a few weeks, you’ll see the difference in the way your dog looks and feels, from coat to muscle tone, from alert eyes to vitality. Hear what other Bil-Jac parents say about our food at www.bil-jac.com or on FacebookPinterestYoutube and more. You will be amazed.  


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