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Top 10 Reasons to be Thankful for Dogs

A family walking their dog on Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving, as you share family traditions and the things you’re thankful for, pause for a moment to consider your furry friend. Think about what he or she brings to your life every day. It won’t be long until you can produce a whole list of reasons you’re thankful for your dog, but to get you started, we’ve come up with a list of our own top 10 reasons to be thankful for dogs.

1. Dogs accept us just the way we are.

No questions. No judgments. They don’t ask us to check our attitudes or change our behavior. They love us as we are!

2. They chase away the blues.

If anything can make us feel better after a difficult day, it’s coming home to your dog just waiting to bombard us with doggie kisses and cuddles. Studies have even shown that people who have pets are less lonely and less likely to become depressed or anxious.

3. They help protect us—from bad guys and bad health.

With little more than a quick, loud bark, dogs can frighten strangers away from the door. Walking your dog for just a half an hour a day can also relieve stress and reduce your risk for developing cardiovascular disease. In short, they’re good for the mind, body, and soul!

4. They’re like having our own in-house comedians.

Dogs can make us laugh at the drop of a hat. They’re just naturally funny! Playing a game with your furball is always sure to bring on a few laughs.

5. They never complain.

When is the last time is your dog criticized how you folded the laundry? Or pointed out how long you were gone yesterday? In fact, dogs don’t complain about anything we do. Even when we leave them alone for hours, they are never anything but thrilled to see us when we come back.

6. They ask so little of us.

All they need is shelter, food, water, and love. Maybe an occasional ride in the car or bath. A little TLC each day. That’s all. When you consider everything our dogs give us, they would be well within their rights to demand a whole lot more.

7. They greet us like we’ve been gone for five years, even if it’s only been five minutes.

Dogs don’t have the same sense of time that we humans do. They can’t tell how long we’ve been gone. They only know that they have missed us!

8. They’re always up for cuddling.

If it’s been a rough week, you can always count on your dog to be there with a hug and a kiss—or two or three if you like.

9. They’re role models for how to enjoy life.

Dogs live in the moment. No worries about tomorrow or regrets over yesterday. All that matters is what’s happening here and now. We should all aspire to these key principles of doggie “zen” living.

10. They teach us how to be better human beings.

Just by being their little doggy selves, our furry friends teach us a great deal about being better people. They shower us with unwavering love. They remain loyal through thick and thin. They long to be helpful at every opportunity. We can learn a lot about being good to one another just by observing dogs.

While the Thanksgiving holiday is only once a year, our dogs give us so much to be thankful for year-round. To learn more about how you can share your unconditional love and appreciation for your fur baby, sign up for Best Friends Club to receive dog care tips, nutritional information, and exclusive Bil-Jac discounts!

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