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Top Dog Safety Tips for Halloween

Dogs with halloween decorations

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to review some safety tips that can make the holiday as fun and stress-free as possible for you and your dog. Sporting a costume, trick-or-treating, or just manning the door at home for the little ghosts and goblins should be fun for everyone, but safety is a priority. Keep your best friend calm this Halloween by following our five safety tips below!

1. No trick-or-treat candy

Giving your dog treats for tricks is just fine, but Halloween candy is a different topic. Keep any candy you’ll be handing out—and the candy your kids bring home—in a location that’s inaccessible for your dog. While all candy should be avoided, it’s especially important to make sure your dog doesn’t get his nose into anything that contains chocolate or Xylitol, a sweetener used in sugar-free gum. Both ingredients can be dangerous for dogs.

If your furry friend does swallow something he shouldn’t, please consult your veterinarian immediately and follow these steps.

2. Keep your dog away from the door

Most dogs get down-right territorial about their “dens” and protecting their “pack.” With children coming to the door and ringing the doorbell on Halloween night, it’s ideal to keep your best friend entertained in another room.

Whether your dog is super friendly and loving with strangers or protective or shy, keeping them out of the view of the front door for a few hours will help make the night less stressful.

3. Be smart with your decorations.

Most of the plants we adorn our homes with in the fall—like pumpkins and decorative corn—are non-toxic, but they can upset the canine tummy. Other dangerous items that scream “chew me” to a dog include:

  • Wires and cords from electric decorations
  • Children’s or adult costumes and accessories
  • Watch out for those glow sticks, too. While the liquid inside isn’t toxic, it can make your dog very sick.

Finally, be extra cautious of those decorations that use candles. That same tail-wag that symbolizes a happy dog can tip over those candles and burn your faithful friend, or worse, cause a fire. That’s why LED candles are great to use when you have a dog in the house.

4. Don’t leave your dog unattended outside.

With all the chaos and running about during trick-or-treat, it’s wise to keep an eye on Fido at all times. If you need to let your dog out, please be sure to go with him. If your pooch likes to dress up, is easily controlled on a leash, and won’t mind meeting a few little monsters along the way, you might consider taking him trick or treating with you.

If you do take him out, only do so if you’re sure he won’t be upset by small children wearing strange costumes. A good guideline to follow: if your dog doesn’t like strangers or children in general, he will not like them in costume.

5. Make sure your dog is wearing proper identification.

Even if you do everything just right, things can happen when it’s crazy outside. Just in case your pet wiggles out the door and runs off, make sure he is properly identified with a tag that contains your contact information—or make sure his microchip info is up to date. Next to the Fourth of July, more pets go missing on Halloween than any other day.

6. Watch out for leftovers and debris.

In addition to any candy that your children may leave lying around after Halloween, be on the lookout for lost candy or costume parts on sidewalks when you walk your dog. Stray snacks and wrappers can be potential hazards in the days following Halloween.

Celebrate Halloween and ensuring that your favorite furry monster is safe. Not only will some thoughtful prevention help protect your dog, it will keep both you and your pooch happy and stress-free! For more safety tips for your best friend, Sign Up for the Best Friends Club today!

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