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Training Your Dog to "Kiss"

We all know that feeling of excitement and satisfaction we get when we teach our dogs a new trick. Whether you teach them how to be better behaved (sit, lay down, stay, off) or how to make your friends smile (shake hands, roll over, give a kiss), teaching your dog new behaviors can be very helpful and rewarding for both of you. Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food and Joel Silverman, TV Show Host and Professional Animal Trainer, present a series of dog tips to teach the tricks that please both you and your dog. After using these videos as a guide, your best friend will be the most talented dog on the block! 

It’s important to keep the following in mind while training your best friend to give a “kiss”:

Cheek or Chin

Train your best friend to give kisses on your cheek or chin. This will help them avoid licking your mouth and lips.


Training for this specific trick works best when your dog is either sitting or lying down. This position will allow you to better control the situation and teach your best friend the new behavior you are training more easily.

Capture Behavior & Reward

When training your pooch, one of the best tips to remember is to capture their behavior and add a word to describe it. For example, when your best friend starts to pick up on the behavior, a “kiss”, reward them with praise, saying the word out loud, and giving them a tasty training treat.  It’s important to “catch them in the act” of doing it and reward them for it quickly.

Time Frame

Remember to keep in mind that the behavior may not stick with your dog instantaneously. Practice in small increments of time over the span of about 4-5 days. By then, your best friend should have their new trick mastered!


As a proud dog parent, you and your best friend will bond over these training sessions. Keeping these training sessions fun is an important part of helping your best friend stay happy and healthy!

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