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Types of Bil-Jac Dog Treats to Reward Your Puppy During Training

Types of Bil-Jac Dog Treats to Reward Your Puppy During Training

Using treats to train puppies.

Our furry babies are a lot like us. They also enjoy a good treat now and then. And they should have them—especially during the training stages to help reinforce positive behavior. There’s no better way to show your best friend how great he is doing than by rewarding him with a delicious, healthy Bil-Jac treat.

Also like their human parents, puppies also crave different tastes. No one wants to eat the same things all the time. So Bil-Jac offers a number of delicious options to satisfy your puppy’s varying tastes all day long. From sweet potato and chicken flavor to egg and cheese, variety keeps things interesting.


Types of Bil-Jac Dog Treats


Original Recipe Dog Treats

These mouthwatering treats are made with real liver. Use them for training, a reward, or just to show your pup how much you love her. 


Our Bil-Jac Little-Jacs Small Dog Training Treats are ideal for smaller dogs’ mouths, especially puppies. Try these during your next training session and watch your pup do anything for a Little-Jac! 

Bil-Jac Grain Free Treats

These grain free treats are made with real chicken and sweet potato. Smaller in size, they are the perfect little reward for puppies.

Bil-Jac Dessert Jacs®

Our Bil-Jac Dessert-Jacs are great for rewarding your dog. The pumpkin flavor is ideal for training dogs of all sizes. There is less than 2 calories per treat with no fillers, soy or added rendered fat. Feed some to your dog today.

Bil-Jac Breakfast Jacs®

Try Bil-Jac Breakfast Jacs, made with real egg and cheese. These morning inspired dog treats are great anytime! Great for training or when you want to reward your dog.

Gooberlicious® and Little Gooberlicious

Dogs go mad for the taste of peanut butter. Gooberlicious Soft Treats are made with real chicken, chicken liver and peanut butter flavor. 

 Yapple-Nanas® and PB-Nanas®

Fruit-flavored fun treats that will tickle your puppy’s taste buds. Try moist, easy to swallow Yapple-Nanas (featuring apple flavor) and PB-Nanas (banana-peanut butter flavor) today!


Simple Tricks to Try.

Once you’ve stocked up on a variety of treats, here are a few simple tricks you can have fun teaching your pup! Start with easy behaviors such as to sit or stay. When she has mastered those, you can get a little bit more adventurous with tricks such as these:


Training a “Kiss”


Training Your Dog to Bow

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