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Use Bil-Jac Video Tips to Teach Your Dog These Six Paw-some Tricks!

Use Bil-Jac Video Tips to Teach Your Dog These Six Paw-some Tricks!

Now that the kids are back in school, we invite you to spend some time training your best friend to perform tricks for treats. Here are a few of our favorite easy-to-follow videos to show you how.

These videos feature Joel Silverman, a Hollywood dog trainer who has spent many  years training animals in Hollywood for film and television. He is also known for “Good Dog U,” a top-rated program on the Animal Planet channel for 10 years. Follow Joel’s tips and you’ll be able to treat your dog for tricks in no time at all! Pick your first video and go for it!

1. Teach your Pooch to Smooch!

Follow Joel’s guidance and your dog will soon be giving you kisses galore!

2. Make a Li-er Out of Your Dog!

How to use treats to train your pup to lie down.

3. Take a Bow.

Teach your prince or princess to bow down for a treat!

4. Don’t just sit there!

Sit up! Let Joel help you teach your dog to sit up to accept a treat.

5. Play Opossum.

Many Hollywood dogs need to know how to play dead. Teach your dog to do the same!

6. Do the Wave!

In this video, Joel show you how to teach your dog to wave.


Start Training with the Right Treats.

Wholesome, Bil-Jac Dog Treats are great for use during training—or any time you want to reward your dog.

Bil-Jac Original Recipe Dog Treats

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Bil-Jac Little-Jacs®

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Bil-Jac Grain-Free Treats

This delicious grain-free alternative is made with real chicken and sweet potato. Yum!

Bil-Jac Breakfast Jacs®

What self-respecting dog doesn’t love eggs and cheese? These treats combine both for a winning combination any time of day!

Bil-Jac Gooberlicious®

Your dog just might go nuts over these peanutty flavored treats!

Yapple-Nanas® and PB-Nanas®

Dogs go bananas over these! Choose flavors that combine banana with apple or peanut butter.

America’s VetDogs® Treats

Great for skin and coat and made with real chicken, these soft, delicious treats also support America’s VetDogs, an organization that trains assistance dogs for veterans and active military personnel who have disabilities.


Our Bil-Jac Dessert-Jacs are great for rewarding your dog. The pumpkin flavor is ideal for training dogs of all sizes.

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