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Video Tip: Training Your Dog Wave

Video Tip: Training Your Dog Wave

We all get that great feeling of excitement and satisfaction when our dogs learn new tricks and obedience behaviors. Whether it is the basics (sit, lay down, stay, off) or the party pleasers (shake hands, roll over, give a kiss, play dead), teaching our dogs new things keeps them feeling happy, loved, and special.

Bil-Jac presents training tips with Hollywood Animal Trainer and TV Show Host Joel Silverman. 

With these four easy steps, click here and your dog will be shaking your hand and waving within a week!

1. Start with short sessions

A couple minute sessions three to four times a day will help your pup get into a routine. After a couple days, they will start offering their foot a little lighter and on their own.

2. Selectively reinforce

Simply look for your dog to start offering his foot, even if their foot only raises off the ground an inch!

3. Create the wave

Simply say "wave" and pull your hand away.

4. Reward

After using these videos as a guide and Bil-Jac Treats as a reward, your best friend will be the most talented dog on the block!

 Remember to use the same words and actions consistently when training your pup.  Your dog will catch on more quickly and be able to learn the trick more easily if you are using all the same words and signals.  

Going through training sessions with your dog brings the two of you closer together and helps create that special bond. Teaching your best friend new tricks is so exciting but remember that it is important to end each session on a positive note. Let your dog know you are very proud of them; they’ll love the fact that you get so excited when they learn a new trick. That enthusiasm will make them want you to teach them more!




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