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What’s better than a whole day dedicated to dogs?

What’s better than a whole day dedicated to dogs?

A whole week! Celebrate National Dog Week September 19-25.

Founded by Captain Will Judy in 1928, National Dog Week celebrates all that’s groovy about man’s (and woman’s and child’s) best friend. Captain Judy was a World War I veteran and former publisher of Dog World magazine. He wanted to educate dog parents and the general public about the responsibilities we humans have to dogs—and to celebrate the incredible loyalty and love dogs give their two-legged family members. 

Today, National Dog week has grown to include festivals, fundraising events, adoption drives and volunteer assistance programs. It also includes a focus on the plight of dogs in shelters.

This year’s theme is “Man’s Best Friend.” According to the people behind National Dog Week, the phrase allegedly came from a closing argument delivered in court by George Graham Vest, who was representing a man whose dog was shot and killed by a neighbor. Vest’s closing, which has become known as the “Tribute to the American Dog,” is said to have been so powerful, it won the case. In it, Vest declared, “The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog.“

Anyone who has ever had a dog will attest to the truth of Vest’s declaration. So isn’t it only fair that we set aside one week of each year to celebrate the great doggy-ness of our dogs? We certainly think so! So here are some ways you can make the most of National Dog Week with your best buddy.

1. Surprise him with some new toys.

A new squeekie toy, Frisbee or ball will make those little doggie eyes light up with glee!

2. Set aside a doggie “spa” day.

Pamper your pooch with a visit to the groomers for a shampoo, cut and style. Don’t forget the mani-pedi!

3. Schedule a check-up with the vet.

If it has been a while, schedule that appointment for a routine exam. Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are all up to date and that his health is in good order. It’s all part of being a responsible dog parent, and when your dog is healthy and happy, everybody’s happy.

4. Consider micro-chipping your dog.

It’s a pain-free and affordable process, and microchipping increases the odds that you and your furry friend will be reunited should he ever become lost.

5. Spend some extra play time with your dog each day.

Bust out those new toys we talked about and spend a little extra time with your pooch. It’s the least you can do for a creature that waits patiently for your return every day and showers you with kisses the minute you walk in the door.

6. Adopt a shelter dog.

National Dog Week is the perfect time to adopt a shelter dog. Part of the week’s focus is to bring attention to homeless dogs living in shelters. You just might find the love of your life at your local animal shelter. Go—take a look!

7. If you can’t adopt, visit a shelter dog.

Many shelters allow visits and volunteer “playtime” with their dogs. Check with your local shelter to see if this is allowed.

8. Donate food or money to a local dog shelter.

If you can’t adopt or visit, consider making a monetary or food donation to your local dog shelter. They can use all the help they can get and will be ever-so-grateful for anything you can give.

9. Consider updating your family photo.

If you haven’t included your dog in your family photo—or if it’s just time for an update—why not do it now? Snap one yourself or have a professional take one. Either way, it’s a fun time and a great way to commemorate your family’s relationship with “man’s best friend.”

10. Try out some new treats!

Bil-Jac offers a variety of tasty treats your dog will just love, including Pumpkin flavor Dessert Jacs. And watch for our Halloween recipe post this month for Bil-Jac Howlin’ Good Pumpkin Dessert Jacs Cookies—they’re scary good!

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How do you plan to celebrate National Dog Week? We’d love to hear about it!

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