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When it comes to food, give your puppy one to grow on!

When it comes to food, give your puppy one to grow on!

Puppies have special nutritional needs while they grow and develop. In fact, the first year of life is a critical time because growth takes place so quickly. That's why it's so important to start your puppy off with a high-quality puppy food.

What special needs does your pup have?

That little fur baby of yours is every bit as nutrition-needy as she is cute. She needs a food with nutrients that are readily available and easy to digest. Puppies also require about two times the daily nutrition of adult dogs. The AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officers) further recommends giving your puppy foods that contain higher levels of protein, fatty acids, amino acids, and certain vitamins and minerals. According to PetMD, “young animals are especially sensitive to the effects of dietary deficiencies, toxins and poor quality ingredients.”


Give your puppy a leg up on nutrition.

The most important first step is to get your puppy on a super premium dog food. Bil-Jac Puppy Food is a great choice because it’s jam-packed with nutrition from fresh ingredients and our special processing. The small kibble is easy for puppies to chew and digest. And, it can be mixed with water to help wean puppies away from mother's milk.

Bil-Jac only uses real chicken, not grains as a source of protein. We never use grain gluten meals or grain protein concentrates as a source of protein in our formulas. When you see gluten meals or protein concentrates listed on other puppy food brand labels, the purpose is to boost protein claims… not your puppy’s nutrition.


Pup Economics 101.

When you feed a super premium dog food like Bil-Jac, your dog will receive more nutrition from less food because of its high quality ingredients and the absence of cheap fillers. When fed in proper amounts, you will notice that your puppy looks better and healthier on less food than you would need if you chose a generic or supermarket brand. So don’t fall for the false economics of using cheaper brands.


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