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Why Rescue a Rescue Dog?

Why Rescue a Rescue Dog?

Top Four Reasons to Consider Adopting a Rescue Dog.

Everyone has heard stories about dogs being heroes—the family dog that saves a child from a fire… the military and police dogs that perform acts of heroism every day. So if you’re thinking about getting a dog, why not be a hero, yourself? Rescue a shelter dog and you’ll have a friend for life. But if that’s not a good enough reason, here are four more excellent reasons why you should adopt a rescue dog.

1. You’ll be changing at least two lives forever—yours and your new furry friend’s. 

Animal shelters and breed rescues are filled with lovable, well-behaved dogs that would make perfect family pets. You’ll be bringing home a bundle of furry love that will be oh, so good for you and your family. Think of the wagging tail and happy face waiting to greet you at the end of every day! The sloppy kisses, cuddles and unconditional love you’ll receive will change your life, and for the better.

2. Most shelter dogs are very healthy.

Despite the myths that shelter dogs must have “something wrong” with them, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most rescue dogs are there through no fault of their own. They weren’t “left behind” because they were sick or didn’t behave properly. Most of them are taken to shelters because their pet parents moved to locations where pets weren’t allowed or because they could no longer afford a dog. Sometimes a person does not have a lifestyle that matches well with the type of dog they adopted, or they did not anticipate the cost, time and attention a dog needs.  The fact is that many shelter dogs receive some of the best veterinary care they may ever receive.

3. Most rescue dogs are adults.

That means they’ve already been spayed or neutered and had most, if not all, of their vaccinations. In fact, some shelters perform the surgeries or give the vaccinations right there to improve each dog’s chances of being adopted. Since most shelter dogs are adults, this also means they may have been house-trained and probably received at least basic dog training.  This makes rescue dogs the perfect choice for people who don’t have a lot of time to train a puppy.

4. Now is the perfect time!

The whole month of October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. So the time couldn’t be more perfect for you to check out your local animal shelter to find your forever furry mate. We’re sure there is one waiting there that’s the ideal companion for you.

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